A Plumber Is a Versatile Career

A Plumber Is a Versatile Career

Plumbing is a versatile career. It does not require a college degree, but it does require specialized training and knowledge. Many plumbing jobs are unionized and pay well. Other plumbing careers are more self-directed. There will always be people in need of plumbing work. You can even run your own plumbing business on the side.

Plumbing involves installing and maintaining pipes and fixtures. It can also involve modifying appliances or a building’s ventilation system. It also includes installing and repairing water heaters and backflow prevention devices. The plumbing industry is an essential part of any developed economy, largely due to the need for clean water and sanitary drainage.

Different pipes have different uses, and plumbing professionals must know which type of pipe is best for which system. An associate’s degree program in plumbing and heating technology covers both theory and practice and gives students hands-on experience in a lab environment. In a residential plumbing system, plumbers may use PVC or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipes. The chlorine added to PVC pipes makes them more resistant to temperature and fire.

Plumbing in a new construction project is another common need. A new construction plumbing company can work with the building plan and the budget to ensure that the plumbing system is installed properly. The plumber can help with the installation of plumbing fixtures and will give expert advice on the needs of the construction project. A new construction plumbing company can also help you choose the most suitable materials for the plumbing system.

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