Day: November 9, 2020


Fiddlestick Or Flugelhorn


Fiddlesticks yarm, also known as flokati, are instruments that were popular in the early Cajun era of the south. Fiddlesticks can be quite large and can have a very high pitch, which makes them ideal for playing in an orchestra. The instrument is characterized by its high-pitched sound, but the notes do not reach above forty-five cents. Fiddlestick instruments were originally made from rattles, but have been recently constructed from metal. Fiddlestick instruments are made in different sizes and pitch ranges, with each having its own unique history.

Fiddles, as well as other instruments used by the Cajuns, were first made in the late eighteenth century by Frenchman Louis Comfort de Saint-Simon. His son, Augustin-Louis Saint-Simon, took the name of his father and began the production of this musical instrument. Fiddlestick instruments were popular in the New Orleans Cajun culture of the nineteen hundreds, where they played a major part in their social life. Fiddle players were usually well-to-do plantation owners and often played at banquets or parties, in which they would entertain visitors in Cajun style.

The Cajuns were famous for their fiddling skills. One of the most famous fiddlers was John Crecheaux. Crecheaux was the Cajun master fiddler who was so skilled that he was considered an expert in his field. Many songs were named after him, such as “Clemons”Fiddlestick.” In the nineteen eighties, the fiddling became more widely known, and more fiddlers moved from the plantation to city music. Fiddler Louis Prima is known for his large guitar and high-pitched playing. A modern version of this instrument is called a fiddler’s guitar, which has a smaller body and has only one fretted string rather than three.

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